Summer Event (closed - see you in 2021)

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Summer Event (closed - see you in 2021)

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Summer Events 2021!
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1) Come to Jawaii town find 2 npcs in swimsuits.
one is to redeem free gifts,
Summer Gifts: 1st of June
Costume Flower Summer Hat
5 Mithril Coins
10 Hot Tea
150 Summer Festival Coins

2) Summer Quest is to exchange fabulous prizes:
Sprout food - required 2 Summer coins
Cleanser - required 5 Summer coins
Adventurer's Trusty Towel - required 10 Summer coins and 20 Cool Summer Outfit
Summer Night Dream - required 30 Summer coins
Sprout Cap - required 150 Summer coins
Sprout Card - required 350 Summer coins
Sprouting Egg Pet - required 600 Summer coins (+10 to all stats)
Summer coin - required 2 love flower

3) Summer Harvest Event: 20th June 2020
Everyday at 12:00am, 06:00am, 12:00pm & 06:00pm. It will broadcast which town got "harvested".
Plants will invade a random town. Every 3 minutes the remaining Plants will warp to another town.
After all the Plants are killed, the Plant Leader will spawn at the map.
All plants drop Love Flower item which can be traded for Summer Festival Coins with NPC at jawaii town.

Every Plant killed a 10% chance of random loot will be given:
Summer Festival Coins
Cool Summer Outfit
Platinum coin (only during mid-summer period)

Leader Killed:
5 platinum coins
1 Mythril coin (only during mid-summer period)