Easter Egg (till 30th April)

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Easter Egg (till 30th April)

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Easter Event 1!
Look for easter rabbit in Hugel town to recieve rewards.
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1x Easter Egg Shell [1]
5x Mythril Coins
1x Spring Rabbit Egg
1x Easter Egg (pernament heal item)
1x Aura Box

Prontera has an npc to exchange for new pets.

Easter Event 2!
Crystal mob has new drop loots - easter events in 2019
Water Magic Stone - Water Crystal, Mob ID:3986
Fire Magic Stone - Fire Crystal, Mob ID:3988
Wind Magic Stone - Wind Crystal, Mob ID:3987
Earth Magic Stone - Earth Crystal, Mob ID:3985 Custom pets will be update too.

Ignis Crystal -- 00:00am & 12:00pm, every Monday.
Aqua Crystal -- 00:00am & 12:00pm, every Tuesday.
Ventus Crystal -- 00:00am & 12:00pm, every Wednesday.
Terra Crystal -- 00:00am & 12:00pm, every Thursday.

Quest to exchange your capture colour crystal eggs to a more life-form type while retain the pets' buff.
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Easter Event 3!
Woodie Mob has new drop loots
Woodie, Mob ID:2963
Every Tuesday and Thursday, 09:00 am, 15:00 pm & 23:00 pm

Easter Event 4!
Look out for easter bunny hiding eggs in town maps, 10:30 am, 15:00 pm &10:30 pm.
Reward: 1x mythril coin