Mid-Autumn Event (30th Aug to 30th Sept)

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Mid-Autumn Event (30th Aug to 30th Sept)

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Mid-Autumn Event: September 24 to 31st Oct.
Available to make snow-skin moon cakes to players.

A Gift reward for all players to redeem for Mid-Autumn gift package. Location at Gonryun Inn, Town.
umrf3g9cws12.jpg (582.37 KiB) Viewed 1087 times
Special mobs will make an appearance base on Chinese folklore. They drop ingredients bag to make chewy ricecake!
Spawn timing is every 1 hr!
Gonryun field 01 - 15 bunnyring
Ayothaya field 01 - 10 bunnyring
Ayothaya field 02 - 10 bunnyring
Louyang field 01 - 15 bunnyring
Amatsu field 01 -15 bunnyring

bislfd4tkv3y.png (875.52 KiB) Viewed 1087 times
Mithril Coin x 5
Moon Rabbit Hat x 1
Cleanser x 5
Moon Cake x 3
Mid-Autumn Card x 1

Oktoberfest NPC: 22 Sep 2018 to 12 Oct 2018 (closing on friday)
Available to sell Green Ale to players.

NPC redeem reward: Location
wp25lexejzgw.jpg (870.13 KiB) Viewed 1087 times
Oktoberfest NPC Gift reward will be available to redeem oktober costume. Location at Lighthalzen Town
Can't be missed.
Mithril Coin x 5
Oktoberfest bag x 1
Cleanser x 5
Green Ale can take into PVP grounds, but limited to carry 3 and disable storage.

Exchange Item NPC locations:
8poybmdameps.jpg (811.6 KiB) Viewed 1087 times
September 24:

Find Tantalus Auto Event:
Start at 0230am and 1830pm,
A random amount of ranging from 6 to 13 Tantalus mobs will spawn at a random map location, Find it. Kill it!
Prizes are 300k zenies, 1 Siege guild Coin & 1 Platinum Coin.

Things to take note:
MVP Monster available at:
izlude dungeon 05 - Tacnu (ID:2205)
( 1 day spawn, but he drop items to make Kagerou oboro card!)

Endless Cellar Instance, 50th floor - Angler Fish (ID:3380)
( he drop items to make Kagerou oboro card!)

Malangdo Culvert Instance - Summoner (ID:3959)
( he drop items to make Summoner card!)

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