Christmas Event (closed)

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Christmas Event (closed)

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1) Light AurasChest give away only on 24th Dec! look out for Santa Claus in Lutie in a hut! Beware, guys! Item gifts have increased, so do must sure u have more space in your inventory. (limit to 1 account)

Follow items:
1x Aura Chest
5x Cleanser
1x Santa Poring Egg
1x Santa's Bag
1x Costume Santa Doll Headgear
1x Christmas Music Box
and 1 advance wing box, 5 mythril coins and 50 of each type of giftboxes for santa's quest.
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All stats +1.
3% damage reduction from specify Element attacks.
Class: Costume
Location: Lower
Defense: 5
Weight: 20
Level Requirement: 255
Jobs: All Classes

2) Gift exchange event.
Exchange Special Gift Box to gm, you will receive a gift box from gm paul as well
Per box rewards are 1 Platinum Coin.
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3) Cold Turkey!
Chickensaurus has invaded the Harboro Town.
30x chicken souls, feeds and eggs you can exchange Special Gift Box from GM Paul.
The spawn rate is 1hr.

4) Santa Clause Quest
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location at lutie fild01, where you'll have to help Santa Claus to gather enough gift box while his imp went into a strike.

Gift required helping Santa:
ID 664 - gift box (guaranteed drop from Icering spawn every 1 min) - 80 total
ID 665 - gift box (guaranteed drop from Antonio spawn every 5min) - 40 total
ID 666 - gift box (guaranteed drop from chickensaurus spawn every 1hr) - 20 total
the more u give Santa the more points u earned so he can give u his costume to be Santa! Kill any mobs you have a chance to obtains one these 3 types of gift boxes to exchange with Santa.

Rewards are:
1x Christmas Box
1x Santa's Bag

5) 30th Dec to 1st week of January 2019, During this dates, the player can collect 1 New year box, there are 1 out of 12 random items you can get.
17 Carat Diamond
JeRO Gemstone
Box of 20 Siegfried
Nokia 5500
Nokia 5300
Forbidden fruit
JeRO Bag
Avada Kedavra
Complimentary Ticket
Advanced Wing Box
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Player can get a Special Egg which contains 1 random custom pets out of the 16 from an NPC. (1 pet and limit to 1 account)

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Christmas Event (1st Dec till 31st Dec 2021)

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Christmas Event (1st Dec till 31st Dec 2021)

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