Halloween Event (closed)

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Halloween Event (closed)

Post by admin » Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:18 am

Halloween Event
To celebrate the coming halloween season on 1st Oct till 31st Oct. We will be adding special monsters "Ghostring" that drops halloween coins at selective maps.
Special Ghostring mob spawn rates at 4hrs.

15x Nilfhiem town map
15x Glast Hiem exterior map
15x Coal Mine Dungeon Level 3
15x Louyang Dungeon Level 2
15x Abbey Field, Nameless island map

Weekend Raids:
Gm will include 10x Special Ghostring at 11pm Raids. Please remember to loot those coins. Halloween coins ID = 6658

Halloween coins can be traded with GMs to Game ticket, which can be used to exchange any essences or souls of your choice.
Instead: It will be a default 75 halloween coins to redeem 1x game ticket.

Advise to play nice and share for everyone! Try not to hoard the coins all by yourself

On the last day of 31st Oct.
A Npc will spawn at the ghastly town of Niflheim. Players can talk to this npc to claim your halloween rewards. It will be a one time reward and its IP locked. Please make sure that you are in the right account before talk to this npc.

In the ghastly inn of Niflheim, A Npc will be spawn at the second floor to grant player an access to "Haunted Horror House". Access to Haunted Horror House required an halloween invitation ticket to get in. Make sure you don't sell away this ticket as it is a one time event.

Haunted Horror House:
Recommended level 200 and above to enter

Tons of mobs and a mysterious MVP boss will be in there.
Remember to talk to the npc butler in the house of horror before exiting to gain 1 tristam card and many other items.
Once exit you can't return.

Look for Halloween Ticket
6apaoqryjjav.png (429.82 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
Look for Halloween Gift npc at niflhiem to get a halloween ticket.

hpqaehyy9hlc.png (599.01 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
Nexy, Look for the butler npc at the 2nd floor of the inn in niflhiem. He will warp you to the house of horror.

Tristan III card: info
pll5cxattal7.png (409.22 KiB) Viewed 2008 times
Halloween Event: 26th Sept till 31st Oct.
Npc will be able to make the following listed below: Location at Prontera Town
Available to make Witch Sets. (Required halloween coins)

A Gift reward for all players to redeem for Halloween gift package.
Megaphone Box x 1
Halloween Box x 1
Halloween Coin x 50
Mithril Coin x 5
Halloween Ticket x 1

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Halloween Event (9th Oct to 31st Oct 2021)

Post by admin » Sat Oct 09, 2021 7:55 am

Hallowring Boss will be invading random town for a limited time period.
Boss drop Mythril coin as well.
hallowring.png (742.81 KiB) Viewed 221 times
Time spawn:
Monday: 530am, 1130am, 530pm and 1130pm.
Tuesday: 530am, 1130am, 530pm and 1130pm.
Wednesday: 530am, 1130am, 530pm and 1130pm.
Thursday: 530am, 1130am, 530pm and 1130pm.
Friday: 530am, 1130am, 530pm and 1130pm.
Saturday: 530am, 1130am, 530pm and 1130pm.
Sunday: 530am, 1130am, 530pm and 1130pm.

For 2nd tier wizard class to reach Meteor Storm instant cast. :mrgreen:
MVP drop special Firestorm Card: On weapon
MATK +20%.
Inflict 5% more magical damage against ^ff7c00earth^000000 element.
If Wizard Tier,
Cooldown of Meteor Storm reduced by 3.5 sec.
If Base level is 255,
Cooldown of Meteor Storm reduced by another 3.5 sec.
Maximum card stacking is 1.

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