Tomb of Honor aka Bio-Lab 5(nightmare)

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Tomb of Honor aka Bio-Lab 5(nightmare)

Post by admin » Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:41 am

i players, as the headgears of Bio-lab 5 is linked to Divine set.
Since I'm trying hard to stay to the original but it's near impossible in JeRO, when Divine set is crafted, thus the difficulty in bio lab 5 has to be increased. I will try to follow as close as possible to the original IRO settings since Rathena hasn't release bio lab nightmare quest. Apologise for those who felt that it should stick to the original until the end.

Lastly, this map will release together with the divine set in spring season - April month.

Bio lab 5 permit:
Talk to NPC Ohno Tohiro in Lighthalzen (320 220) to make bio lab 5 Permits.
Bring him:
1x Laboratory Permit
10x Research Charts
30,000 Zeny
He will give you another new permit for the "Bio lab 5 permit".

Entry to Tomb of Honor:
Entrance to Tomb of Honor(bio lab nightmare). NPC will be located at the northern of bio_dun03 map.
Look out for a "strange crack" on the floor.
ft1s8nbdalh0.png (28.96 KiB) Viewed 2494 times
Players will require a bio lab 5 permit item and talk to the NPC before I can warp players to bio_dun_nightmare. Mobs will be harder too.

MVP respawn timing is 6 hours.

Energy Debris NPC:
Energy Debris NPC located at VIP room 2nd floor, in Doubrius town.

3rd Jobs/Expanded jobs costume headgear NPC:
Biolab headgear NPC located at VIP room 2nd floor, in Doubrius town.

Converting costume headgear to old headgear series NPC:
Biolab headgear at VIP room 2nd floor, in Doubrius town.

Divine God Smith NPC:
God Smith NPC located at VIP room 2nd floor, in Doubrius town.

Tomb of Honor Mobs:
MVPs and Mobs will be changed to a harder difficulty. I will try to follow the originals loot drop except for the following items:
Swordman Soul
Merchant Soul
Thief Soul
Mage Soul
Archer Soul
Acolyte Soul
Soul will continue in the 10pm daily event, Game tickets still allow to change to your desired souls.

Skills changes:
However, skills dmg base on "true" weapon card series will be changes since JeRO its a 255 lvl server and customs gears to support the players' survivability. Either from the main divine set which happened to have that skills buffed or the cards itself.

"True" weapon card series: limit to 1 card in weapon slot
True Alphoccio Card - Max Reverberation damage by 40%.
True Cecil Damon Card - Max Cluster Bomb damage by 40%.
True Celia Alde Card - Max Varetyr Spear damage by 40%.
True Chen Liu Card - Max Rampage Blaster damage by 40%.
True Eremes Guile Card - Max Cross Impact damage by 40%.
True Flamel Emure Card - Max Cart Tornado damage by 40%.
True Gertie Card - Max Triangle Shot damage by 40%.
True Howard Alt-Eisen Card - Max Axe Tornado damage by 40%.
True Kathryne Keyron Card - Max Crimson Rock damage by 40%.
True Margaretha Sorin Card - Max Adoramus damage by 40%.
True Randel Lawrence Card - Max Earth Drive damage by 40%.
True Seyren Windsor Card - Max Ignition Brake damage by 40%.
True Trentini Card - Max Severe Rainstorm damage by 40%.

Card quest:
I will make additional quest to make "true" series cards in NPC.
required 3 cards and 1 JeRO Gemstone of the same job monster to craft true card series.
Rune Knight Seyren Card(bio5 MVP) + Seyren Windsor Card(common mob) + Lord Knight Card(bio4 MVP) + JeRO Gemstone = True Seyren Windsor Card

Take note:
I have made additional cards for expanded classes if possible. Hope this news can clear up some misunderstanding btw the custom and original biolab 5, in terms of mobs and unfair to expanded job classes. Lastly, no enchantments NPC will be available for old headgears.

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