Guides For New Players: Starter

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Guides For New Players: Starter

Post by admin » Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:20 am

Here are some of the basic guide to help out new players or transit players from pre-renewal to renewal.

1) Base/Job Level:
It is very important not to skip transcended job class as you can unlock more skill when you are changing to 3rd class jobs.
I recommend a basic level of 175 and a job level of 90. Before you start to find your gears. Use battle manual given to you to speed up the leveling process.

Find Welcome NPC to redeem your Valkyrie set and freebies before you start grinding your levels. It won't take long. Just 5-10mins of your time.

This guide is like a "meal course" in JeRO.

1) Once you are in Prontera town. Look out for welcome gift NPC at the left-side walkway just south from the central fountain.

Balmung will be your useful weapon. Use it and train your base/job level to reach your job classes.

2) Look out for Ghost palace NPC is located along the right side of the central fountain. Talk to him, he will warp you to a new map, Dali.

Just near to your spawn location, you will see an Old King NPC in Dali.
Talk to him and read up on the "Thanatos Gray Set" which required gray shards to redeem.

Gray Set - This set provides immense defense from all attacks as player refine them. Additional Bonus with gray weapons equipped.
This set is most easy to obtain just by doing instance quests. ... mment_1025
Take note: There are upgrades to this set which served as costumes to boost the overall stats further

Things to prepare for obtaining gray shards:
Base level 175 and above recommended 3rd jobs/expanded classes
Prepare some potion and enchantment scroll to embed your weapons with element to speed things up.
Form a party name, with you as leader. Simply type: /organize<space>partyname.
Talk to the knight NPC just slightly south of the Old king NPC to register your party.
Walk to the red dimensional portal nearby where the Old King and Knight NPC are.
You will be warped to "Ghost Palace Instance Map".
Use this command @alootid +6672, to auto loot gray shards.

Play as usual by killing mobs and talk to the instance NPCs to advance.
Upon Complete the instance you will be able to redeem some gray sets.
Continue this instance every day, till you have a complete gray set: Armor, helmet, Garment, Shoes & Weapon.
Entree is served.

You can still advance further with gray set by redeeming thanato's wrist to your accessory.
250 gray shards are needed for 1 thanato's wrist.
Look out for special immunity boss "Haunted Armor" MVP every monday, it drop costume thanato helmet as part of the upgrade for gray set.

You may wanna use this gray set to hunt for cards before going for the main course.

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Guides For New Players: Main Course

Post by admin » Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:23 am

Hi JeROnians. Welcome back to the "main course" guide.

After getting the "starter" set - Gray Set. Its time for the main course!

Equipment Set:
In JeRO, there are several types of equipment set that can give you better protection and damage output. For all new players. You need to start off a basic yet good gear once your base and job level are maxed out. Just depend on Valkyrie set from the "welcome gift" is not enough. Those are just for your basic leveling.
The sets below are the one that I recommend for you to obtain in order:

Ancient Set - These armors are created even before Midgard was found by Asgardians. It held the secret to unleash an even greater power to its bearer. ... -set?new=1
But beware, you are a walking glass cannon. Take note: There are upgrades to this set which served as costumes to boost the overall stats further

Hero Set - Legend of a group of heroes has been chosen by valkyries and tasked to defeat Thanatos.
Take note: Hero set is doesn't contain build for some class jobs. ... set#latest
This set will focus on skill damages. which will amplify damages on several skills.

3) Party Set:
Unity Set - This set is built for all JeRO players. Encouraging players to form/join a party in JeRO. This set can grow more powerful as your party member increases. ... omment_858

4) PVP Set:
Vicious Set a PvP gear set design for all players. ... omment_324
It can also kill mobs at ease

5) Speed Movement:
Tarlick/Ferlock Set. It can be obtained in Airship Assault Instance. ... omment_991
The Fastest Movespeed Set has been re-created and can be upgraded with upgrade set too.

7) Card Grooming:
After you have obtained 1 of the set. It up to the player to decide the final build base on their cards socket into your gears.

Here are some of the cards i will recommend:

Gophinic Card (modified)
Hero Spirit Card (custom)
Golden Thief Bug (modified)
GM Card (custom)

Leak Card (modified)
Amdaris Card (modified)
Chen Card
Turtle General Card

Magic Attack:
Fallen Bishop Card
Headless Mule
Gioia Card
Skoll & Hati Card (custom)
Shaman (custom)
Hrist (custom)

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Re: Guides For New Players: Starter

Post by Cassis » Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:01 am

Also in the prison part of the Ghost Palace Instance Quest where they interogate Sakray tied up in a chair. The enemies spawn here a couple of times. Better kill them all and wait until no mobs spawn anymore before gong to the portal and proceeding with the quest. you can get 300+ shard in 1 run doing this.
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