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Donation System

Post by admin » Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:39 am

Step 1: Login to with your registered account

Step 2: Click on donation and select one of the amounts that you wish to donate. It will auto link to paypal payment page.

Step 3: Produce your Invoice via screenshot GM at discord or you can send to [email protected] for verification.

Step 4: Upon verified, GM will be giving you a Redeem "Code".

Step 5: Player can go to "Redeem" page at and key into redeem your Cash Points. You are required to logout from the game. So that the cash point can be updated on your account.

This method is not really an automatic feature as GM are required to verify your donations. Which means will take some time.

This method can allow GM to freely enable promotion cash point event.

Player accidentally break cash items, GM can use this system to help the player to claimed back without having to online physically.
To Redeem item
You are required to logout from the game.
Login to website and proceed to Redeem page, and key in the redeem code which gm has given you.
Upon completed the code you can see the "claimed", login to the game and go to your storage to see your item.

This system may not require a must to use PayPal, as long as you have the valid ways and proof of receipt for GM to verify. Feel free to consult GM if you are forced or resolve to use this method.

GM can check which player has claimed or not to double ensure you have your item or cash point back.
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