Divine Crystal Shard (for divine set)

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Divine Crystal Shard (for divine set)

Post by admin » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:03 am

Divine Crystal will spawn random on any field map across JeRO. It will be annoucement on which map base on the timing below.

HP is 10. Immune to all skills (like a plant) except it can teleport.
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Spawn Timing
Monday 00:25am,12:25pm
Tuesday 01:25am,13:25pm
Wednesday 02:25am,14:25pm
Thursday 03:25am,15:25pm
Friday 04:25am,16:25pm
Saturday 05:25am,17:25pm
Sunday 06:25am,18:25pm

Players required to obtained its crystal core to forge divine lens as well as a catalyst ingredient for the divine set.
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